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Volcano science kit National Geographic for sale

Create an eruption with National Geographic's exciting Volcano Science  Kit. Your child will get to cast their own volcano (plaster and mold  included), paint it (paint and brush provided), and then make it erupt  (includes eruption powder)! This is a great family activity and provides hours of fun for all ages.

Learn about tectonic plates,  earthquakes, volcano formation, and volcanic rocks. National  Geographic's learning guide provides many interesting facts and is  designed to promote a love of geology and science.

Electronic kit 50 in 1  for sale

Learning toys: Build over 50 Electronic projects including finger touch lamp, metal detector, transistor radio, alarm

Learn about voltage, current, resistors, capacitors and much more

Uses spring hook-up method Requires 1 "9V" battery

 High Quality


From our geek store here is Geek Out! Great party game that can determine once and for all which  player is the most knowledgeable about your favorite pop culture  subjects! In the game, you draw cards asking you to list a certain  number of things which fall under a certain category: comic books,  fantasy, games, science fiction, and miscellaneous. Before you begin,  however, the other players may try to steal your points (and bragging  rights!) by bidding to list even more than the card requires. The  bidding continues until one player is ready to "out-geek" their friends. Collect a predetermined number of cards, and you win!

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